Russian Folk Portal is a series of graphics illustrating traditional Slavic fairy tales.
This highly illustrated, Russian folk tale depicts the balladeer, Sadko Guslar, his adventures, discovery and final understanding of the power of music.
Baba Yaga and the Murom Wood
is the second book in a highly illustrated series of from the Russian Folk Portal. This account of Baba Yaga and the Murom Wood is based upon the traditional folk tale, handed down through generations of Slavic storytellers, but has an unexpected twist breathing new life into the ancient fantasy.
Ilya the Warrior Monk.
Although Ilya Muromets's adventures are mostly a matter of epic fiction, he is believed to have a historical prototype: a medieval warrior, a defender of Rus. It was the year 1148AD and the village of Karacharovo, near the Murom Wood was a world away from Western Europe’s second crusade, the siege of Damascus and the destruction of the French and German armies happening there.

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